Carbon Emissions

FCFC stands for Food Carbon Footprint Calculator and is a way of calculating the amount of carbon dioxide released as a result of the production, packaging and transport of food.

The site gives you a personal FCF estimate based on a series of questions based on your answers. The calculation process is explained below.

The information you provide in the FCFC will be treated as anonymous and confidential and will not be sold, traded, given away or passed in a brown paper envelope to a man in a trenchcoat in a carpark late at night.

The information will be used soley to inform the user and to attempt to determine a link between the perceptions and the reality of FCFs.

The calculation is based upon basket of representative foodstuffs. The basket was created using UK household purchased quantities of food and drink 2005 provided by Defra.

The basket is made up of foods which make up just under a third of total consumption.